What is Yamazumi Line Balancing? What are the Benefits?

Sena Düzgün (Writer) 25 April 2024

What is Yamazumi? 

It is a Japanese word meaning to pile up. Yamazumi work balance charts are used to facilitate work balancing and the elimination of non-value added work content by expressing the work content of a set of tasks in a visual way.

What are the Benefits of Yamazumi? 

  • Helps to quickly identify which processes are overloaded or underutilized. 
  • It is also useful when there is a need to rebalance the line or reorganize the process. 
  • Helps you compare performance between workstations or machines. 

 Every line in production is an opportunity, because a perfect product is not made by correcting defects, but by anticipating and preventing them.
William Edwards Deming