What is Takt Time? What Does It Do?

Sena Düzgün (Writer) 25 April 2024

What is Takt Time?

It is the rate at which you need to complete the production process to meet customer demand. 
With takt time, managers measure the time it takes to identify and eliminate wasteful overproduction and underproduction. 

Benefits of Calculating Takt Time 

  • Predicting service delivery processes
  • Ensure a constant production flow
  • Standardizing business processes
  • Increase productivity and reduce training times
  • Set realistic time targets 
  • Minimize overtime 
  • Reduce errors and improve quality 

How is Takt Time Calculated? 

Takt time depends on customer demand. This value is compared with the cycle time and if the cycle time is more than the takt time, it should be ensured that the customer demand can be met by optimizing the process or increasing resources. 
Let's say there are 30 weekdays for production and the customer has requested 120 units. Assuming production runs for 8 hours; this calculation shows that you need to produce one unit every 2 hours to meet your customers' demands.  

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