What is SMED? How to Analyze?

Sena Düzgün (Writer) 25 April 2024

Before Starting SMED 

1- Analyze the Current Situation 
OEE values should be calculated with general and machine-based time studies of the system. 

2- Make Pareto Analysis
The first machine group to be improved should be determined by determining the pareto distribution of the losses realized in the machines. 

3- Set Goal 
Instead of using all the time to improve a machine, performance targets should be set for each machine and these targets should be achieved first. 

4- Creates a Preliminary Work Group
The causes of losses in the system should be observed and instant kaizen should be applied to prevent losses and an action plan should be created for more comprehensive improvements. 

5- Establish a Work Team 
Since it is important to ensure diversity, the working team should be formed by selecting relevant people from all departments. 


1- Separation of internal and external setups 
At this stage, the inspection team must have the instructions (workflow diagram) of the mold change process and a list of all kinds of tools (control cards) that may be needed during the installation period. 

In order to distinguish between setups:

  • One-to-one observation (Spaghetti Diagram) can be made. 
  • Integrated programs that collect instant data from the machine (MES etc.) can be examined. 
  • The data obtained should be studied in detail (brainstorming, fishbone method) internal and external installations should be determined.