What is Kanban? What are the Benefits?

Sena Düzgün (Writer) 26 April 2024

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a work management system that allows to optimize workflow by tracking work items and their status on a visual board.

Kanban System Implementation Steps 

  • Analysis and selection of processes 
  • Defining Kanban rules 
  • Selecting the Kanban type 
  • Planning and dimensioning 
  • Creation of organizational tools and cards 

 Benefits of the Kanban System 

  • Inventory and finished goods in circulation are reduced. In this way, capital loss and wasteful activities related to stocks are minimized.
  • Flexibility increases in terms of changing customer needs and expectations. 
  • While facilitating production management, the kanban system requires computer training systems. The only requirements are cards, effective time planning and discipline. 
  • It is a tool for synchronization of processes with different flow rates. 
  • It enables each process to draw what it needs from the previous process. In this way, material flow is organized. 

Kanban helps businesses to promote continuous improvement and provide a more flexible workflow. 
Karl Scotland