What is Kaizen and How is it Applied?

Sena Düzgün (Writer) 25 April 2024

Kazien Application Steps 

1 --> Project Selection
Swot Analysis, FMA, Pareto, Value Stream Mapping, Cause and Effect Analysis, Lost Cost Matrix 

2 --> Identification of Project Team 
Skills Matrix, Communication Plan, RACI Table 

3 --> Target Setting 
SMART-C Benchmarking 

4 --> Current Situation Assessment 
Histogram, Data Collection, SIPOC Table, Spaghetti Diagram 

5 --> Creating a Project Plan
GANTT Diagram 

6 --> Problem Analysis 
Relationship Diagrams, Design of Experiments, Control Charts 

7 --> Countermeasure Identification and Selection 
TRIZ, Prioritization Table 

8--> Implementation of Actions 
Control Diagrams, Design of Experiments 

9 --> Monitoring and Evaluation of Results 
Value Added Analysis, Pareto, Histogrom 

10 --> Standardization 
Standard Work Forms, Work Instructions, Visual Management Techniques 

No situation is so perfect that it cannot be improved.