fficiency is vital for companies.

Every business wants to reduce its costs, hold on to the markets and keep its competitive edge. Since labor is not the only input in the production process, other processes should be well analyzed and their productivity should be measured.
It is important to see that the way to reduce costs is not to obtain inputs such as labor or raw materials or materials cheaper or to use cheaper machinery, but to see that all processes go through efficiency and which processes need to be improved by conducting efficiency analyzes.

he basic basis for productivity analysis and processes is production.

In production;
Instant traceability of availability, quality and performance values is the main way to increase productivity.

Available Time (Availibility);
This term is used to calculate how long the production machine works during production (availability). When making this calculation, our aim is to calculate the actual available time of our machine during that day.

It is calculated by the ratio of defect-free parts to defective parts produced within the given period.

Productivity, also defined as performance;

It is found by calculating the ratio of the production amount of our machine within the given time to the maximum production capacity amount.

Sensitive and weak points should be eliminated in the reasons that prevent productivity.

World-class companies measure the Total Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their machines, in the simplest definition "how effectively time is used to produce a quality product", and try to meet their capacity needs in this way. Thus, they protect themselves from additional investment, additional space utilization, additional labor, excess inventory, excess energy use, poor quality and financing costs.