How to Increase Your Productivity with 5S?

Sena Düzgün (Writer) 25 April 2024

In a production company with good 5S implementation, there are no missing shipments, no complex, stockpiled, stock-useful products, while in the office, unused materials are weeded out, times to find documents are reduced, and what is valuable is protected.

In the end, maintaining the first S becomes a matter of pride and discipline is maintained no matter what. 
Koji Suzuki 

0 --> Preparation 

  • Identify the area for improvement
  • Build and organize the team to take part 
  • Ensure that the team receives 5S training

1 --> Sorting 

  • Separate the necessary from the unnecessary 
  • Hold the unnecessary ones
  • Edit unnecessary ones

2 --> Editing

  • Make arrangements to save time and movement
  • Create solutions to prevent making mistakes

3 --> Cleaning

  • Do initial cleaning
  • Identify pollution sources
  • Take action to make sure it doesn't happen again 

4 --> Standardization 

  • Prevent unnecessary materials from entering the work area
  • Carry out preventive regulatory work
  • Check periodically
  • Bring solutions to prevent pollution

5 --> Discipline 

  • Make all 5S activities a core business practice
  • Track the 5S level and monitor its progress
  • Create a 5S culture that gets better through continuous improvement activities