Project Management Training

Purpose of the Training

It aims to transfer project management processes, knowledge areas, project management standards, project management standards, important tools and techniques to participants who want to specialize by having in-depth knowledge in Project Management and to apply them with examples.

Contribution of the Training to the Participants

Participants who attend the training will be able to spend project management processes more efficiently and plan effectively; thus, they will be able to manage their projects as a team.

It will be easier for them to identify the KPIs in the projects and follow the process through planned data in this direction, and they will have knowledge about project management methods and will be able to carry the appropriate project management process to their working environment.

They will be able to make accurate risk analysis in the process from the opening to the closing of the project and guide their team accordingly.

Education Content

2 Days

- Project Introduction and Project Examples from our Organizations, Project Classification, 10 Knowledge Areas for Successful Project Management

- 3 Constraint Triangle, PDCA Cycle, DMAIC (Define, Measure, Action, Improve, Control), Project Stakeholders, SIPOC Diagram, Project Life Cycle

- Project Inputs and Stages, Determination of Goals, Project Planning Techniques, Critical Path Analysis, Project Team Identification and Competencies, Project Budget Preparation

- Earned Value Analysis (EVM), Break-even Point Analysis (BBN), Buy-Produce Analysis, Project Management and Determining Control Stages

- Optimization of Outputs and Customer Satisfaction, Success and Failure Factors, Project Risks and Risk Avoidance

- Preparation of Lesson Learned Report, Making Project Experiences an Institutional Memory, Project Closing and Project File Preparation