Productivity in Production and Work Study Training

Purpose of the Training

This training, which is aimed at the employees of the Industrial Manufacturing Industry sector, aims to enable participants to adopt productivity measurement techniques that they can apply in their production sites and the improvements they can make with these measurements. The training includes technical and practical studies.

Contribution of the Training to Participants

The participants will be able to adopt the principle of working with 0 error in the production areas and calculate the cycle time by adopting the principle of working with 0 error in the production areas and will be able to calculate the cycle time, sample work study calculations will be made and they will be aware of the unused labor and the kaizens that will arise from them and will gain awareness of continuous improvement.

Education Content

2 Days

- 0 Error Process Design, Productivity Definition and Factors, 1 Operator 1 Machine Working System, 1 Operator N Machine Working System

- N Operator 1 Machine Operation System, N Operator M Machine Operation System, Layout Systems and Productivity Relationship

- Time Definitions, Cycle Time Calculation, Personal Allowances and Fatigue Allowances Calculation

- Unused Labor and Kaizen Opportunities, Time Determination with Stopwatch, Work Center Ergonomic Arrangement

- Labor Staff Calculation, Decision on Shift Work

- Lesson Learned