Problem Solving Techniques

Contribution of the Training to Participants

The awareness of the employees of the organization will increase in terms of seeing the problem as solvable and adopting it as a source of development for themselves. ü They will gain the necessary perspective to solve the problems in the organizations by handling them with the right technique and knowledge. ü Afterwards, they will have the competence of the methods required to guarantee the results and record them as corporate memory.

Education Content

2 Days

- What is a Problem? Why Does It Exist? Problem Solving Approaches, Obstacles in Problem Solving, Decision Making and Problem Relationship

- Steps to Good Decision Making, Problem Definition and Selection Methods

- 5N1K Technique, Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Nominal Group Technique

- Cause Analysis, Pareto Analysis, Fishbone, QC-Story Model

- The 7-Step Sustainable Performance Cycle for Problem Solving

- Individual and Team Work at Every Stage