Lean Production and 5S Training

Purpose of the Training

It raises awareness about the wastes that people encounter every day in production sites but are not aware of, enables them to prevent wastes with lean production techniques and enables them to see the total flow beyond a single process level by preparing a value stream map.

Contribution of the Training to Participants

Participants will be able to prevent wastes by identifying product family in production and balancing production and by preparing a future situation map by recognizing the losses in the production areas. By adopting the 5S methodology, participants will become competent enough to successfully perform 5th level workplace planning. At the same time, in this training, where lean production techniques VSM map will be created, people will be able to apply these techniques in their own working environments with technical and practical teamwork.

Education Content

2 Days

- Lean Production Techniques and VSM, 7 Wastes, 16 Big Wastes, Value Stream Map Preparation

- Takt Time Calculation, Value Creating Jobs and Losses, Product Family Determination

- Balancing Production, Preparation of Future Situation Map, 5S Cleaning Order Project

- Preparation of 5S Steps, Determination of 5S Areas, Current Situation Analysis, Level 5 Workplace Planning, 5S Audits

- Lesson Learned

- Individual and team work at each stage