KAIZEN / OEE Training

Purpose of the Training

To make people aware of KAIZEN awareness so that they can work and manage efficiently in their working environment, to measure the efficiency in their factories by enabling them to make OEE analysis and as a result, to determine the places where they need to make improvements and to measure their productivity increase targets with concrete data.

To ensure that they are pioneers in making KAIZEN methodology a company culture, to raise awareness about the measures that can be taken for these losses by learning the causes of losses in enterprises, to enable them to combine them with analysis methods by making sense of KPI data and to make them aware of the steps to be taken through these data.

Contribution of the Training to Participants

They will have knowledge about OEE and the method of measuring losses, the points to be considered when measuring, machine losses in the production sector, finding and identifying losses in their own companies, what techniques to use to analyze and improve losses.

They will have knowledge about KAIZEN philosophy, KAIZEN types, application methods and points to be considered, choosing the right KAIZEN topic, losses in the production sector, finding and identifying losses, the relationship between KAIZENs and company goals, calculating KAIZEN savings and making KAIZEN philosophy a company culture.

Education Content

2 Days

- Value, What is MUDA? Seven Types of MUDA, 16 Major Losses, Making Observations, Data Collection and Measurement Techniques

- KAIZEN Levels, Minor, Major and Standard KAIZEN Studies, Focused Improvement Techniques

- KAIZEN Implementation and Management Processes, GEMBA Applications, and 5 WHY Technique, OEE Concept and Components

- OEE Calculation for Different Process Flow Types

- Speed Loss Calculation for Different Process Flow Types, Finding Machine/Equipment Losses with OEE

- Operational and Managerial OEE Approach, Factory OEE Calculation

- The Concept of Loss

- Workshops