Design Thinking Methodology Training

Purpose of the Training

To enable companies/entrepreneurs to develop different solutions to their current problems or needs with Design Thinking Methodology and to come up with innovative ideas.

Contribution of the Training to Participants

Participants will be able to assimilate innovative thinking methodologies and develop innovative solutions to problems.

Participants who will gain problem recognition skills will learn how to approach the products in their companies innovatively and how to manage the new product development process with design thinking methodologies. In this training, prototype product development and creation will be discussed in detail and practically.

Education Content

2 Days

- Understanding Methodology, Good Practice Examples, Innovation Methods

- Empathizing, Gaining Problem Identification Skills, Developing Innovative Solutions to Problems

- Sample Application with Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques, Determining the Requirements for the Solution, Designing the Necessary Process, Needs and Resources

- Brainstorming and Other Creative Group Techniques Application Techniques, Prototyping the Developed Idea, Testing

- Methods to be used; Case Study HMW, Persona Defination, Persona Interview, User Abservation Database, User Journay Map, Empathy Mapping, Affinity Diagram, Idea Generation, Bencmarking, Value Prioritization, Solution Storyboard, Solution Prototype