Smart Assembly Station (SAS)

SAS (Smart Assembly Station) is a smart production tracking system that enables digital management of operations on assembly lines and eliminates human control in processes. SAS increases production efficiency by ensuring error-free and instant traceability of operations.

This system can manage manual operations, barcode tracking and verification, operations coming from I/O - HMI or PLC, and charged juicer operations. At each stage, data such as whether the correct operation has taken place, OK-NOK and the number of squeezes are continuously monitored.

With the SAS, all the juicers, measuring devices, hand tools and other equipment can be integrated into the system. Using IoT converter modules, this equipment is turned into smart tools that generate data. In this way, data such as which equipment is used, when, for which operation, by which operator and how is collected automatically.

SAS records the operations of a manufactured product along the line and monitors which operation has taken place, when it took place and by which personnel. In addition, it ensures the correct matching of assembly parts by making stock-based controls, thus making the production process error-free.

It prevents product labeling during the assembly process to prevent mismatches. It also allows the operator to instantly report operational errors via the panel. It stops the production line and gives a warning for forgotten or skipped operations. It sends a warning to the relevant operator to intervene in the station and plays an important role in finding the root cause of the problem by providing businesses with the opportunity to analyze common production errors.