Mold / Plastic Injection Production Simulation

Pneumatics is a system in which air pressure is used as energy, and this energy is used for both mechanical movement and automation in pneumatic systems. The combination of pneumatic and electrical technologies plays an important role in industrial automation solutions. Such solutions provide an economical and powerful production system by reducing machine cycle time. For this reason, systems where pneumatic, electrical, electronic and mechanical control techniques are used together are called "electropneumatic systems".

Electropneumatic systems are used in many areas such as cleaning or painting processes, filling and packaging machines, assembly lines, food industry, construction machinery, motor vehicles. These systems are especially important in today's developing robotic applications. These systems are used for robots in human form to perform their movements.

The MES system collects product information before starting the production process. At this stage, production processes and parameters are recorded in the system. The operator, who will start production, automatically displays the relevant technical drawing on the operator panel to see in detail which part to work on and the required features of this part. After checking the accuracy of the work, the operator can start the production process.

The MES system enables operators to make faster and more accurate decisions during the production process, thus increasing productivity and reducing the error rate. Thanks to this system, every stage of the production process becomes more transparent and controllable.